Read Our FAQ to Better Understand the Services We Provide

While I understand you might have some inquiries or concerns about my services, I encourage you to look through my FAQ page first before making a call. This is because you might find that the question you are about to ask has been commonly asked by my other customers as well. While this does not mean you should not call me, you might find it more convenient to read for the information rather than talk on the phone.

What year did you start offering your services?

Under the Jose Santos Landscaping company name, it was just recently. Although you may have some doubt about my skill as a landscaping contractor, know that when I established my company I already have years of experience and training.

How many years have you been in the industry?

I have been a quality landscaping service provider in Charlotte, NC for 12 years before I finally got enough courage and experience to open up my own company.

What type of landscaping work do you do?

Aside from my reliable landscaping service, you can also count on me for irrigation repair, retaining walls, tree trimming, patios, caring for lawns, and house cleaning.

Do you specialize in any of these services?

Yes. I do specialize in irrigation repair. It is one of my most sought out services and also the one I have the most experience in.

Do you take care of lawns, too?

Yes. As mentioned above I do offer lawn care and maintenance services. I know it can be hard to take care of your lawns on your own which is why I offer my time and skill to take care of it for you.

Should I book an appointment ahead of time?

Not necessarily unless you want me to work on your property at a specific time and date, you can just give me a call for a schedule or an appointment right away.

Do I have to pay for an estimate?

No. Aside from offering an affordable lawn care service, you also get estimates from me for free. I do not believe in having to let my customers pay for an estimate especially if they are not sure they would be hiring me yet.

What time does your business open?

My business runs from 7 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon. This is Monday through Friday so make sure to book my services properly.

Do you have a physical shop that I can go to?

Unfortunately, I do not. I am currently offering mobile services only as this helps me get around faster especially with my tools and equipment.

Can I pay using checks?

Yes. Jose Santos Landscaping currently accepts checks or cash as a payment method for the services rendered.

If you want to know more about the services I have to offer or if you have a concern that would be better addressed in person or over the phone, just give me a call at (980) 246-0556. I always want my customers to feel assured and confident in the services I provide them in Charlotte, NC.

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